Orangeries have continued to be even more popular of the choices that homeowners may have for creating more space and bringing the outdoor serenity to the inside environment. It has won the spokes because you can sit and enjoy all weather in every season, surrounded by different flowers and possibly fruits.

If a new orangery is in your plan this year - either you want a new one or extend the existing patio - then you should consider going with the bi-folds. These have the advantage of folding in or out to create more space and keep a clear way. The concertina effect they produce has an influence on your space and enables you to access your patio or garden fully.

When bi-folds are incorporated in the designs of a home or an orangery, dining or sitting room extensions, you get the option of opening up the room to appear as part of the main house. When you do not need it, you can separate the rooms back using the bi-folds. Connecting your living space with the orangery allows free entry and circulation of natural light and fresh air.

The doors' glass design gives your home and orangery a complimentary elegance that helps improve the living environment. This design can also allow you to convert your conservatory into a hang out area, dining or living room. The bi-fold also gives an astounding view to the garden that lets you appreciate the beauty of nature.

An orangery offers you what seems like an eternal increase of your living room space. If you get the right supplier or contractor, you will have a great deal that is worth your monetary investment.