Top Woods for Internal Doors

When choosing interior door you have to consider its aesthetic and functional qualities. Generally, a good interior door should not just be beautiful but also provide privacy for the room through sound blocking between it and adjacent rooms. Wood is by far the most popular material for interior doors. However, not all woods are suitable. The chosen wood should combine excellent insulation properties and durability without being too expensive. Here are some of the woods that meet these qualities.


The wavy grain of Cherry wood doors makes them very beautiful and suitable as decorative doors. Even though they are not as strong as White oak and Engineered wood, Cherry woods are strong enough to resist warping and damage. Their ability to absorb different stains well means that you can stain them to many types of finish that range from deep red to clear natural finish.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Woods are excellent insulators. In addition, they are also very sturdy and can stay for so many years without showing any cracks. These two qualities, coupled with their low cost, make doors made from Engineered wood some of the most effective and popular interior doors.


Poplar interior doors are excellent heat and sound insulators because of their high strength. They can also be painted and stained in different colours although their natural colours that range from light white to greenish yellow can be retained without reducing its beauty.

White Oak

With their high resistance to cracking and water damage, White oak is suitable for bathrooms, children's rooms and recreations rooms. Their symmetrical grain also makes them suitable for painting and staining. Even without painting, they come in a wide variety of colours that range from rich brown to pale yellow that give them a beautiful look. Even with these excellent qualities of beauty and strength, White oak is cheaper other woods that have the same qualities.